Friday, July 2, 2010

Drooling, Ga Ga

Poem of the Day:
"The Old People" by Ted Kooser
Delights & Shadows

Tonight I saw Lady Gaga in concert; it was one of the most aesthetically-pleasing pieces of performance art I've ever seen.

And, when I consider the concert in conjunction with the day's poem, I am forced to grin.

I did not see too many "[P]antcuffs rolled, and in old shoes" (line 1) among the beating mass of concertgoers. Kooser's elders' "ears/are full of night: rustle of black leaves/against a starless sky" (lines 8-10), whereas my ears have not stopped ringing since I got home.

Gaga is not for the light-hearted, light-footed nor the light-liver. She is raging, youthful and sexual. She is overwhelming, but extremely pleasing.

I wonder if Kooser likes the song, "Poker Face."

A Poem A Day Audrey


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