Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Poem About Shampoo

Poem of the Day:
"Alberto VO5" by Aaron Belz
Lovely, Raspberry

The thing I like best
about Alberto VO5
Extra Body Shampoo
is not that it contains
nutrients, nor even
that it contains shine-
enhancing nutrients,
but the graceful way
it contains them—
which is the same way
you carry bitter regret,
my love, invisibly,
allowing it to work
its way naturally
through my hair.

What a roundabout way of insulting someone.

I use shampoo everyday (nearly). Therefore, on the surface this poem pertains to each and every one of my days here in Boston. It is, at face-value, an easily applicable poem and in terms of my blog's purpose, heaven-sent.

But I cannot say that I know anyone whose "bitter regret" has worked "its way naturally/through my hair." Thank goodness. That sounds mighty awful, and not an ideal shower experience.

I also condition, if you must know.

A Poem A Day Audrey


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