Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving On, New Spaces

Poem of the Day:
"Wolf Lake, white gown blown open" by Diane Seuss
Wolf Lake, White Gown Blown Open

I am back in Horsham for a brief pause before I move back to Wesleyan for my final year. The drive from Boston today was long, and I am glad to be home and with my family.

Regardless, I can't help but keep looking ahead. Bad habit, maybe. I've begun a mental planning of my new space at Wesleyan -- a beautiful, beautiful house! -- and I've been reading design blogs in hopes of being inspired. I'm feeling an English countryside chic right now, a lot of whitewashed surfaces with spots of green, blue and yellows -- my own personal field.

Seuss begins her poem with my colors, writing, "White sky, a tinge of blue,/birds like silver crucifixes/children wear at their First Communion" (lines 1-3). She also captures the softness that I'm aiming for, with the image of a young child receiving Communion for the first time -- a portrait of innocence and holiness.

The remainder of her poem departs from these initial colors, though the feel is much the same ("the woody stems of the cattails hold/the earth steady"). I might just use her words as my artist's brush. I like the idea of formulating interior design with poem as spark.

Look for me in Bed, Bath & Beyond with my shopping cart, and printed-out poem.

A Poem A Day Audrey


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